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The Person Behind the Practice



Hi, I'm Rupa Parthasarathy. I mostly go by the name Rupa.


Mine is a story that partly reveals itself with my distinctive tongue twister of the last name (always a great conversation starter!). An intent glance, it's easy to unravel the backstory of hailing from an Indian background. And within Australia, the story of my family's journey to this land at some point. While that holds true, mine has also been a story of facing adversities, finding my feet, exploring my identity,  and establishing connections. That's what interests me about life-stories, there's so much more than just what meets the eye.  Hence, I am on a mission of supporting life-stories. 

Growing up, I've held a fascination with all things creative - sketching, music, dancing and storytelling were some of the pursuits, I dabbled in and still do. Drawing from this experience, I understand how self-expression can be used to sort through mental chaos, gain clarity and in turn nurture physical, psychological and emotional well-being. Art therapy provides me with an approach to facilitate positive change in person's (people's) lives using creative means. 


Drawing from over a decade of experience working, facilitating, interacting with people from different backgrounds and all walks of life has allowed me to gain valuable insights. I've learnt that each of us while brilliantly unique in our own ways are commonly drawn towards Connection - Connecting to Self and Connecting to Others. I believe that cultivating a culture of compassion and kindness, is vital to nourish this Connection. Having a corporate career and completing a Graduate Diploma of Counselling followed by Masters in Art therapy informs my area of expertise. It is to empower our future generation to develop a robust sense of worth. To support organisations in promoting mental well-being within employees. And, to help individuals break through their personal barriers to be their best - All using creativity as a catalyst. 


Being multilingual, I have a soft spot for my parent language - Tamil (my being lights up, in its presence), Hindi and other Indian regional languages (which if I hear beyond the boundaries of my home, always makes my head turn quicker than a bird and tugs at my heart with familiarity). I am also an optimist, an intrepid learner, a movie/music buff and a person who enjoys watching endless reruns of DIY home renovation shows.


We believe in having meaningful conversations 

We believe together we can be Stronger

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