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Art Therapy and the NDIS

As an approved NDIS provider, Mindkshetra offers both individual appointments and group sessions of art therapy for NDIS participants.


Based in Western Sydney, Mindkshetra is a mental health studio that offers art therapy, counselling services and art therapy for NDIS participants. We work with a varied range of clients, with the minimum age of clients set at 8 and above.

The primary interest group of Mindkshetra clients are young people (inclusive of all gender) and adolescent / adult women (15 and above). Though predominantly this is a service catered to adolescent and adult women when it comes to individual counselling. We do offer support to all NDIS clients on a case to case basis. 

As Rupa is ANZACATA registered practitioner, she also has access to, and collaborates with several NDIS approved Art therapists within Greater Sydney Area, and will be happy to provide referrals to Creative Arts therapists in an area of your choice.

How NDIS Works with Art Therapy

Mindkshetra receives referrals from General Practitioners, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, NDIS plan managers, Art Therapists and other Allied Health Professionals within Greater Sydney Area to provide art therapy for NDIS clients.


Mindkshetra is based on the philosophy that every individual is unique and can author their life stories through self-awareness. The Practice also believes that every individual is innately creative; however, while navigating the trenches of life may have lost a connection with their inner wisdom.

The approach is to create a therapeutic space where the clients feel safe and supported to tap into their inner creativity by engaging in self-expression. Rupa the founder of Mindkshetra is an Australia New Zealand Asia Creative Therapies Association (ANZACATA) Registered Art Therapist & Australian Counselling Association (ACA) Registered Counsellor. Rupa walks empathetically alongside the client on this journey of self-exploration, with the client on the driver seat. Together we use your imagination to explore how to re-establish your mind-body connection and set you on the path to nurture your well-being.


Our NDIS Referral Partner

the mental space studios

is a practice in Inner West Sydney, that specialises in servicing NDIS clients. 

Founder: Nicola Slack


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