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Image by Margarida Afonso



Mindkshetra, in partnership with Cumberland Council, is Celebrating


October Mental health Month and Diwali, by doing a series of community art installations. 

Yarn Wrapping Public Art installations: Arts for Wellbeing and Harmony

What is Yarn Wrapping?

Yarn wrappingmain.jpg

Yarn Wrapping or Yarn Bombing is a technique that combines arts, creativity and the craft of knitting, usually done on trees. As a technique, it is done in the public domain, like in parks. It is a playful way to promote vibrancy, colour and exuberance in the community. 

Our Installation Story

The metaphor of Yarning: Each colour thread represents the myriad community members, and the wrapping symbolises each member's integral part in the community fabric. Its interwovenness signifies the rich diversity it brings to the community. The lippen art is our ode to India's cultural folk art and heritage. 

What is this project about?

Purpose of the Art Installation: October - Raising Mental Health Awareness & Celebrating Culture (as October is Mental Health Month & Diwali). This public art installation showcases India's rich cultural folk art practices and engages with the community using the arts. 


The local Cumberland area is densely populated with people with South Asian Backgrounds. October is a festive month and also marks "Mental Health Month". There is a massive stigma within South Asian Communities when it comes to having conversations about Mental Health. On the other hand, it is also a culture that is heavily influenced by rich art practices. The public art installation will be a way to start a visual dialogue and a message of using "Arts for well-being" and also celebrating the diversity and vibrancy South Asian Culture has to offer.

Mindkshetra is a creative wellness studio with a social enterprise business model working towards an SDG goal of Good Health. Culturally Creative Me is a program that partners with local cultural artists and invites them to teach their respective cultural arts to young people in the community. As part of this program, the participants are taught both the cultural art and educated on the cultural significance of the art and the people who practice it.

Rupa, the founder of Mindkshetra and Shraddha Gupte, an Indian Folk Artist who also lives in the Cumberland community, are partnering with the Cumberland council for this project. The public art installation is our way of giving back to the community and raising awareness about "Arts & Cultural influence on Mental Well-being".

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Community Engagement

The project promoted community engagement and participation.  In partnership with Mindkshetra, the council organised several free finger knitting workshops throughout October.  The sessions are drop-ins, and community members were welcomed to attend any or all sessions.

Timeline of Project

1st October - Start of Mental Health Month

1st Installation - Friends Park

4th - 22nd October Weekdays 

Free Community Workshops 
(Am / Pm Slots)

4th - 22nd October Weekends

Installation of Works
by Mindkshetra Artists

29th October 

Diwali Celebrations
Friends Park

1st Week of November 

De-Installation of Works
by Mindkshetra Artists


About the Artists

Rupa Parthasarathy, the founder and person behind the practice, is this project's creative director and artist. 

Shraddha Gupte is an Indian folk artist, an artist in Mindkshetra and a resident of the Cumberland Area. She is also the primary partner and lippen artist of the project. 

Reya Ramanujachari, a resident, is a budding yarn artist and a pivotal contributor to works installed. 

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