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Art Therapy workshops Sydney


Creativity helps us perceive our world in different ways.

MINDKSHETRA specialises in educating clients on accessing their creative wisdom to build, sustain and boost their inner well-being. 

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Why Nurturing Mental Health is Important?

The World Health Organization (WHO) conceptualises mental health as a “state of well-being in which the individual realises his or her abilities, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully, and can make a contribution to his or her community”.

Nurturing our mental health enables us to live our lives to our full potential. The upkeep of our mental health is foundational to having meaningful social connections, building relationships, having positive self-esteem and developing confidence and resilience to navigate life's ups and downs. 

Mental health is also mainly approached from a remedial perspective, a reactive approach offering therapeutic solutions once a person experiences some form of mental illness. 

Recent Mental Health statistics suggest that one in five Australians will experience mental or behavioural conditions each year. According to this survey, people aged between 16-34 are at a higher risk. Read the full blog here

Our aim at MINDKSHETRA is to disrupt this reactive approach and provide proactive, creative art strategies and evidence-based neuroscience and art therapy-based strategies to take stock of mental hygiene to boost and sustain wellness. 

Are you keen on experiencing what proactive Wellness looks like? 


Creativity for Wellbeing

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Taking up a creative habit, and investing time to consistency practice has many long term benefits, like improving self-confidence and becoming resilient. 

Creative Art

Benefits of
Creative Expression

Helps generate new ideas

Helps gain Awareness of Inner Strengths

Provides an opportunity to play without judgement

Helps Deal with Stress

Develops Problem Solving Skills 

Develops Original Thinking

Develops Intuition & Builds Confidence

Helps Acknowledge our own Uniqueness and Diversity

Interested in experiencing the benefits of creative expression

Our Master Class

Create. Connect. Reflect

Our Creative Wellness Master Classes are a great way to explore communication styles, nurture interpersonal relationships and strengthen social support. Our master classes are an hour long sessions.  Each of our master class is outcome based and combines a wellbeing topic and creative art mediums. Classes are run both for young person and adults and can be tried as a trial class before enrolling into any of your programs. 

Benefits of Creative Expression

Wellbeing Outcomes

Class Name
Wellbeing Outcome
Art Medium
Mosaic Building
Problem Solving
Hand made gifts
Celebrating Relationships
Recycled Materials, Mixed Media
Building Empathy
Teranium Building
Nature Consciousness, Mindfulness
Soil, Plants
Creative Thinking, Problem Solving, Memory Building
Paper, Mixed Media
Journal Writing
Goal Setting, Personal Development
Journal, Mixed Media
Hand made lamps
Relationship Building
Clay work
Cultural connections
Rangoli Powder
Haiku writing
Creative Writing
Resin Art
Creative Growth
Canvas, Mixed Media
3D Book Folding
Creative Thinking
Used books, Mixed Media
Found Objects Art
Dealing with adversities / Handling Grief
Found objects, Mixed Media
Finger Knitting
Growth Mindset
Handmade gifts
Maintaining Relationships / Celebration
Mixed Media
Paper Baskets
Recycling / Creative Thinking
Paper and Glue
Nature Art
Planet Consciousness/ Mindfulness
Nature and Mixed Media
Abstract Art
Social Safety / Boundaries
Acrylic and Canvas
Self Esteem, Self confidence, Self Awareness
Mask Making / Mixed Media
3D Cards
Maintaining Relationships
Mixed Media
Creative Genius
Dealing with Chaos, Problem Solving
Lego / Puzzle Pieces
Inner Landscape
Self Awareness, Emotional Regulation
Water Colours
Sand Mandalas
Finding Patience, Dealing with Frustrations
Coloured Sand and Canvas
Gratitude Series
Tuning Into Gratitude
Collage and Mixed Media

Upcoming Master Class

Upcoming Classes / Workshops

Dec 11 - Dec 17















Our Master Classes for Young People 
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Our Studio Location

Are you someone who is invested in nurturing wellbeing? 

Are you someone who is interested in creative arts?

Do you work in a stressful environment and want to develop some mindfulness habits?


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Our Signature Programs

We offer two signature programs: Discover U (12 - 18 yrs) & Exploring Me (18+yrs)


Both Discover U and Exploring Me are a 10 week program, with each session running for an hour, run during school terms. 


Cultural Immersion Programs

Research shows that our cultural identity intrinsically influences our mental health and sense of connectedness with self and others. Engaging with cultural art practices provides a great avenue to connect with a deeper part of selves and integrate our human experience. 

Mindkshetra is also invested in promoting local cultural artists and collaborates with various local artists to promote their work. 

Run in partnership with local Indian folk, Origami, Calligraphy and Indigenous artists, Culturally Creative Me workshops are run during school term and offer immersive culture experiences. At the end of the term, the participants are invited to showcase their work through a studio organised exhibition. 


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