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Offered in a interactive manner, we offer a range of group creative art based wellness workshops, day sessions and discovery hours for young people. Working in groups can be particularly helpful in developing social skills and developing connections. 

Workshops are a series of collective sessions, offered in a group setting, running over several consecutive weeks.
  Each session covers a specific topic, with the overall completion providing an immersive experience of course completion.
Participants have the flexibility to book individual sessions in selected workshops 

Sessions are artmaking themed interactive same day classes that provide a creative wellness experience.

Discovery Hours are hour long master classes are outcome based. Each sessions is run to achieve a psychoeducational goal. Creative play is used to engage and educate kids to equip them with strategies necessary to build, boost and sustain their mental wellness. 

Art Therapy For Young People and their Families

At Mindkshetra, we believe in fostering a robust sense of self-worth in our developing young people and young adults. 

As a practice focused on improving adolescent mental health, our creative art and art therapy sessions are designed to lean on recent research in adolescent mental health. 

Adolescence is a formative time. It is a time marked with rapid physical, mental, emotional, social and psychological changes. Unfortunately, research suggests that half of all mental health conditions start at fourteen and often go undetected and undiagnosed (WHO, 2020).

Australia is the home of the oldest continuous cultures and the land of Australians who identify with more than 270 ancestries (, 2021).

Art and cultural practices of artmaking have for centuries provided an avenue to express, document and process human experiences and adversities. 

Adolescent Art therapy sessions, can be booked as siblings or family consultations. We specialise in working with young people (8 and over) on various life adversities like coping with anxiety, navigating academic stress, developing social skills, managing anger, handling sibling rivalry, bullying, body image, navigating cultural identity.

We also work with young people with a diagnosed mental health condition, and with varying abilities.




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We are happy to share the news that Mindkshetra - Create n Connect  Program is a registered Creative Kids Provider. All programs both school holiday and term programs under the banner of Create N Connect are eligible for NSW Creative Kids $100 Rebate.

As a registered provider for the Creative Kids program, you can redeem your voucher with us and let your child develop new skills. Enrol them in a new activity so they can create something great. 

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