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10-Week  Creative Wellbeing Program

Suitable for adolescents and young adults (12 - 18 yrs)

Teaches Essential Life Skills, Creative Art Exercises and Wellness Strategies to boost wellbeing.


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Kids& Teens

Why should we nurture adolescence and youth wellbeing proactively? 

Did you Know? 1 in 5 of our teens and young people endure emotional and psychological distress in silence. And sadly, half of them never get adequate support and are at a high risk of experiencing mental ill health (UNICEF, 2021). And Ironically, it is also one of the prime ages to "take positive risks" and develop good emotional and social habits. 


At Mindkshetra, we aim to influence adolescents and young people to take creative practices as well-being habits to safeguard their mental health. 


Adolescence is a formative time. It is a time marked by rapid physical, mental, emotional, social and psychological changes. Many stressors can influence the well-being of young people during this formative year, like academic stress, dealing with peer relationships, bullying, exploring self-identity, body image issues, and social belonging, to name a few. While we believe it is an essential and natural part of growth to experience stress and figure out personal ways to navigate it. We also know that it can also feel like an overwhelming and isolating experience at times for many. 


Research suggests that developing healthy social and emotional habits, boosting self-awareness and enhancing social connections, and developing a growth mindset help build resilience and serve as a protective factor. 

As a practice, MINDKSHETRA is focused on improving adolescent mental health proactively. Our Discover U program is informed by recent research in adolescent mental health, positive psychology,  design thinking principles and art therapy literature. 


Through the ten-week program, Rupa educates and equips young people with practical, creative strategies to develop positive social and emotional habits that will help tackle their stressors and support their long-term mental health. 



Did you know? Connectedness is a critical protective factor for Youth Health and well-being.

Using creative arts is a safe way to engage in self-expression and develop a sense of connectedness with self and others. 


This program is suited for all teens to young adults (12yrs - 18 yrs) interested in learning how creativity can help build mental muscle and resilience. In particular, it is suited for young people who feel socially isolated, find it challenging to cope with academic or relational stress, are experiencing a sense of disconnection with self due to factors like bullying, body image or racism issues or experiencing sudden changes in their mood, a withdrawal from things they usually enjoy or are on the path of self-exploration of their identity.

Discover U is a ten-session program that teaches them life skills using creative art exercises to manage the stressors of young adulthood and sustain social and emotional wellbeing. 


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The program helps to:

  • Learn practical science-based tools and creative strategies to deal with Academic and Social Stress. 

  • Create a cultural sensitive personalised toolkit and exercises to navigate peer and social relationships. 

  • Navigate the challenges that surround developing and accepting a bicultural identity. 

  • Develop self-awareness and enhance their self-esteem and self-confidence 

  • Improve their problem-solving ability and communication skills

  • Discover their inner strengths and personal values

  • Develop a growth mindset to navigate the stressors of adolescence and young adulthood. 

  • Create a toolkit to set clear, healthy boundaries and tips for handling difficult conversations.  

  • Cultivate a habit of practising mindfulness and gratitude

  • Learn creative and practical visualisation techniques to set and achieve short- and long-term goals

  • Enhance their sense of well-being and instil hope for the future


Open Studio day

What skills will they gain?

How is the Program run?

The program is delivered face-face/personalised online delivery in small groups. 

  • All art materials for in-studio will be provided. And within Australia, materials will be sent out to participants. The next batch commences on the 10th of October 2022. 

  • The participants attend one-hour sessions weekly; repeated sessions are held in-studio or online. Participants can choose to attend either one of these sessions based on their weekly convenience. Additional session slots will also be made available. 

  • Each Week, Rupa combines a well-being topic with creative art exercises to work on the week's outcome. She facilitates a safe space where the young person engages in self-expression and works on developing the life skills associated with the well-being topics. 

  • The program can be accessed as a stand-alone purchase or as part of the membership plan. 

  • Participants on membership plans receive additional benefits like two private coaching sessions with Rupa (can be used to book sessions anytime within the six months of enrolment), discounted prices on art products and resources, and six months of personalised support. 


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