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Benefits of working in a group

"The more, the merrier."

There is a reason why this adage holds true not only at play but also at work. Have you ever noticed how stimulated you feel when you work in a group?

The process of exchanging notes and reviewing each other's works can give a whole new perspective to your work. Moreover, it is an excellent way to explore communication styles. In a healthy work environment, it also fosters confidence and thereby improves your communication skills.

When you work together in harmony, there is a spirit of teamwork and bonhomie that develops organically. This kind of bonding nurtures excellent interpersonal relationships. It often leads to a strengthening of social support that provides a sense of security that can be quite comforting and morale-boosting.

Often we fail to recognize certain qualities and strengths within ourselves. Sometimes we know these facts about us, but we tend to forget them amidst the humdrum of life. Working in group settings brings out these qualities in the forefront and helps you acknowledge them productively.

In fact, this is an excellent platform for fact-checking also. A collective, as well as varied opinions that come from a number of people working together, can help you get a realistic view on a topic. There is a good chance for a give and take constructive feedback.

Another advantage of being amidst people who have been through similar experiences or who share their experiences is that it provides them with a renewed feeling of hope. It also helps establish a shared identity with the other group members.

Working in groups is beneficial in many situations. Cooking meals together helps strengthen family ties. Not only does it help us understand our traditions and heritage better, but it also encourages us to experiment and understand the specific tastes of individual family members better.

Singing in a choir or solely in chorus with a few people is absolutely mood uplifting! No matter how out of tune you are, the entire process of keeping in sync with other voice modulations and trying to maintain rhythm is a stress-buster in itself.

Have you ever observed how a rescue operation works? The entire rescue team works cohesively in tandem with each other to make their mission successful. The beauty of it is that they complement each other's strengths and weaknesses in a way that can bring out optimum results.

Similarly, creating art is uniquely therapeutic when you participate in it with a group of people. There is something magical about colours, shapes, and textures that gets people to think, share and express better when they indulge in it together. This kind of shared activity is not limited to being only an entertaining affair but can help heal deep-rooted issues. Many unexpressed emotions may unravel during the course, some of which can be addressed through group discussions and sharing thoughts utilizing self-expression.

As Booker T. Washington quotes "If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else."

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