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Mindkshetra is a creative wellness studio; a place that offers both preventative and remedial solutions to help teens and adults with all their mental well-being needs using creative arts. 


Like a gym for mental fitness, with a specialist arts therapist as a coach, we help people live the best version of themselves by providing life skills to tune into their creative wisdom. 

 "KSHETRA" in Sanskrit means sacred place. Mindkshetra believes every individual deserves their mind to be their sacred haven. Our goal is to create safe spaces (a haven) to work on building, sustaining and boosting mental wellbeing using self-expression, creative play and research-based strategies.

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Our Mantra

Boosting Mental Resilience: "Creativity for Wellbeing"

We provide well-being toolkit and creative strategies to build, grow and sustain the mental fitness of teens, young people and adults. 

Did you Know? Creativity is a natural skill we are all born with! But most commonly, "Being Creative" is confused with being artistic. And most importantly, accessing our creative side can help us sustain our well-being. Almost half of us (in the world) resist taking up creative pursuits because of this self-imposed expectation of making masterpieces every time we engage with art. And thus are missing out on the benefits "Being Creative" has to offer.

Mindkshetra's "EVEREST SIZE AIM" is to encourage millions to engage in creative art pursuits for their well-being.  

We create spaces that facilitate self-expression, enabling people to access their inner creativity and experience the powerful sense of nurturing that unfolds. Rupa's vision is to conquer this aim in two ways, by influencing adolescents and young people to take up creative habits early and by encouraging adults to become courageous and give "Being Creative" a go. 

Discover U is a 10-week creative wellness program for teens to young adults (12yrs - 18yrs). It is a fun, innovative arts-based social and emotional well-being building program that provides young people with the essential toolkit and creative strategies to navigate adolescents and adulthood with ease, gusto and appreciation. 

Expressive me is an 8-week self-discovery program for adults who are looking to step outside their comfort zone and courageously embrace the idea of using creativity a part of their well-being ritual.

(Fun fact: Almost all participants we have facilitated this journey for have had the surprise pleasure of meeting their artist self!)

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The Intervention

"Expressive Arts Therapy"

Rupa provides Culturally Competent Counselling and Arts Psychotherapy for individuals and groups to cope with life adversities and manage mental health conditions. 

Sometimes on life's journey many individuals experience adversities or find themselves experiencing mental ill health. We provide individual and group art therapy as intervention strategy to help individuals navigate through adversities and cope with mental ill health. 
Art therapy is a therapeutic intervention that uses psychotherapeutic techniques and creative process to facilitate healing and improve wellbeing. Art therapy as a practice helps give expression to emotions, feelings and thoughts without having to rely solely on the power of words.
Together let us create a space - where you longer have to 'Just Ignore' and can 'Safely Explore' your wellbeing through art in our art therapy groups in Sydney.

What Client's Say


The Mindkshetra workshop allowed me to better understand myself as well as begin a journey of self discovery by creating a vision board. I was able to create a visual representation of myself and where I wanted to be in the future. Coming into the session I was nervous not knowing what to expect, never having experienced art therapy before. However, when I came into the workshop I immediately felt at ease by the warm and safe environment that was created. Rupa is a kind, genuine and empathetic person and provided ongoing support throughout the session. Art therapy has been a beautiful way to express myself and I would highly recommend Mindkshetra.

Sophie Agius 


As a social enterprise, Mindkshetra aims to support mental and emotional wellbeing of life stories through creativity and contributes towards Sustainable Development Goals by the W.H.O. 


Are you an organisation or business invested in fulfilling your social responsibility of improving wellbeing within your circle? 

Want to know how engaging people in creative arts can foster team spirit, improve wellbeing, and boost morale and happiness within your business?


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